Tougher penalties for drivers who use mobiles phones whilst driving

14th October 2016 | ifa_admin

Here at In-Front Autos we see plenty of cars that need repairs made to them.  Often the damage is caused by drivers not paying attention to the road around them.  Of course, the damage caused by road accidents can be far more serious and long lasting, than just a damaged bumper, which is why using […]

Stay Safe On The School Run This September

7th September 2016 | ifa_admin

It’s that time of year again, when children up and down the country return to full time education.  For parents, this means the stress of the school run is upon us once more.  Never mind the amount of cajoling, shouting and bribing it can take to get them out of the house and in the […]

Why You Should Choose A Family Run Business To Look After Your Motoring Needs

9th August 2016 | ifa_admin

Here at In-Front Autos we know just how important being mobile is to your family.  Whether you need to commute long distances for work, or just need to be able to nip about doing the school run or shopping, a reliable car is the corner stone of family life. We also appreciate how important safety […]

Is your car ready for it’s first service?

22nd July 2016 | ifa_admin

Buying a brand new car is a joy – when it’s shiny and new and full of that new car smell, it certainly put’s a smile on your face.  But all cars will eventually need to be serviced as they age, and after they have been driven for a certain amount of miles.   Modern cars […]