MOT test changes: New headlight rules could see classic car owners issued an instant fail

13th March 2021 | John

13th March 2021 – Classic car owners may face difficulty passing their MOT test after a new rule change by the Driver Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA). An update to the MOT inspection manual now means classic car owners who have had LED bulbs fitted to their vehicles will fail their test. The new clarification […]

MOT test: Experts warn failure rates could be higher in 2021 as drivers avoid maintenance

4th March 2021 | John

3rd March 2021 – MOT TEST failure rates are predicted to be higher this year than in 2020 as consumers skip car regular maintenance checklist and repairs due to the coronavirus pandemic in a massive concern for garages. More than half of service and repair businesses polled by the Motor Ombudsman believe there will […]

Is your car safe and sound – or a potential MOT failure?

10th February 2021 | John

8th February 2021 – Do you drive a car that’s car legal and roadworthy? Or are you regularly jumping behind the wheel of an MOT failure without even knowing it? The majority of motorists in the UK consider themselves law-abiding and respectful drivers. And if you’re one of them, it’s probably not your intention […]

Seven new driving laws will come into effect from 2021 affecting millions of road users

1st February 2021 | John

1st February 2021 – New driving laws are set to come into effect for millions of drivers in 2021 with many of the massive changes already being finalised. Seven new changes are set to come into effect this year with many more on the horizon for possible implementation in 2022 and beyond. Failure to […]

MOT changes: How drivers could be slapped with huge fines as Boris makes 2021 change

28th January 2021 | John

27th January 2021 – Hundreds of drivers could lose their MOT certificate and banned from driving within just a few days for failing to follow a new rule introduced by Boris Johnson. Thousands of motorists who were originally due their test between 30 March 2020 and 31 July 2020 benefited from a test extension […]

Stay-at-home drivers warned to expect fines if MOTs expire

19th January 2021 | John

19th January 2021 – Car owners are being warned not to miss their MOT this year, even if they are currently unable to use their vehicle. Failure to do so could see motorists facing hefty fines or having their insurance voided. During the first Covid lockdown last March, annual checks were put on hold […]

Most popular car colour of 2020 revealed… and it’s as bright as the year

16th January 2021 | John – 16th January 2021 If you thought 2020 was a bit dull and depressing, it was certainly reflected in the most popular car colour of choice for the year… grey. As the world took a gloomy turn under the Covid pandemic, a quarter of new car buyers reflected their moods in their car colour […]

BRUSH IT OFF – Leaving snow or ice blocking your number plate could land you a £1,000 fine

11th January 2021 | John – 8th January 2021 DRIVING in snow and ice can be treacherous – and it can also be dangerous for your wallet.  It’s not just your windscreen and roof that needs clearing after a dump of snow – leaving your number plate obscured can land you in hot water. Britain is set to be hit […]

Garages permitted to remain open during latest lockdown

11th January 2021 | John – 6th January 2021 A new lockdown ordering people to ‘stay at home’ in England and Scotland is now in force but garages are permitted to remain open. The latest government guidance for England states that “vehicle repair and MOT services” can remain open. In Scotland, “car repair and MOT services including supply of parts” […]

How leaving snow on your car roof can land you THREE penalty points on your driving licence and a £60 fine

12th December 2020 | John – 4th December 2020 It’s a little known law but drivers can actually get fined for having snow on their cars – not just from the windscreen. Even if the snow doesn’t affect your vision, having snow on the roof of your car, or anywhere else for that matter, could land you with three […]