Fog Lights – When Should You Repair Them?

6th December 2018 | ifa_admin

Fog lights are situated low down on the front of your car and are used when visibility in fog is less than 100 metres. Their beam is different to that of headlights – they are flatter and wider, and designed to reduce light reflection when driving in fog. They are a very important safety feature […]

Record Breaking Fuel Prices – Can You Afford To Drive?

14th November 2018 | ifa_admin

Fuel costs have increased so much that many drivers are being priced off the road, unable to afford the high price of running a car. Petrol has risen by 11% over the past year, meaning it would cost £75 to fill the average sized car, £78 for a medium sized tank of diesel. These record-breaking […]

Smoking In Your Vehicle – What Is The Law?

8th October 2018 | ifa_admin

The law has recently been updated regarding smoking in a vehicle. So, is it illegal? There is no specific offense in the Highway Code regarding smoking in your own private vehicle. But it is listed as a distraction to avoid. So, as with eating or looking at a map, if any of these actions lead […]

Green Fuel – Is Your Car Compatible?

6th September 2018 | ifa_admin

Greener fuel is coming, with the government planning on rolling out the more environmentally friendly E10 eco-fuel in larger filling stations across the country in 2020 to help meet the country’s emission targets. E10, which is already on sale across France and Germany but not yet in the UK, contains 10% renewable bioethonal, in contrast […]

What To Do When You Break Down On The Motorway

9th August 2018 | ifa_admin

It’s something every driver dreads – driving along the motorway when you suddenly break down. What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Highway Code – This states if you are experiencing difficulties with your vehicle, you should pull into the next available service area, or exit the motorway at the next […]

Your Guide To Head Gasket Repair

5th July 2018 | ifa_admin

A head gasket seals pressure in your car’s engine, as well as distributing oil and engine coolant. This means it must deal with high temperatures and pressures every time you switch on your engine. This is what it is designed to do. If your head gasket is damaged, your engine can overheat quickly and cause […]

MOT – What Do They Check For?

11th June 2018 | ifa_admin

That yearly MOT can be something we dread, the fear of failing, or the cost of extensive repairs. Most car owners are not comfortable with fixing minor repairs on their own cars, but a lot of points on which a car may fail its MOT can be correct before the fact with simple maintenance. Here […]

What To Do If Your Windscreen Has Cracked

8th May 2018 | ifa_admin

If you discover a chip or crack in your car windscreen, it is important that you visit a garage as soon as possible to have it seen by an expert. Local quotes will be available online, or by calling local garages to find the best price. Here is what is involved in windscreen repair: Chips […]

How An Early MOT Test Can Leave You Seriously Out Of Pocket

10th April 2018 | ifa_admin

In May, the rules of the MOT test is changing, including new classifications for faults. This means if you put your car through an early MOT and it fails, you could end up with a £2,500 fine and three points on your license for driving your car after, even if the old certificate is still […]

Why Has My Engine Management Light Come On?

15th March 2018 | ifa_admin

If you are driving along and your car’s engine management light comes on, this means there is a problem with your car that needs to be seen to as soon as possible. There are a few possible reasons for this happening, below is a list of the more common reasons for this happening: Loose/broken fuel […]