Electric car demand faces hit from high prices and lack of chargers (but you can rely on In Front Autos as we have a charging point!)

31st December 2022 | John

(Article from The Independent Online)

The growth in sales of new electric cars in 2023 will be suppressed by high prices and concerns over charging infrastructure, according to analysis.

Consumer website Electrifying.com estimated that around 350,000 new electric cars will be sold in the UK next year.

Latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show registrations of new electric cars are on track to reach nearly 250,000 this year.

Electrifying.com founder Ginny Buckley described the expected growth in 2023 as “impressive” but warned it will be hampered by “various headwinds in the economy and supply chain”.

She said: “We still need to see more affordable cars brought to market to encourage private motorists to make the switch.

“At the moment there are just three electric cars priced under £30,000 and the lack of choice at an affordable price point is having a detrimental effect on mainstream consumers.

“We also need a public charging network that people can rely on.

“This means increasing the numbers of chargers, improving their reliability and making sure that pricing is fair.”

Auto Trader reported that electric models accounted for fewer than a fifth (19%) of new car inquiries sent to retailers through its online marketplace in November, down from 27% in June.

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in the UK will be banned from 2030.

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