How leaving snow on your car roof can land you THREE penalty points on your driving licence and a £60 fine

12th December 2020 | John – 4th December 2020 It’s a little known law but drivers can actually get fined for having snow on their cars – not just from the windscreen. Even if the snow doesn’t affect your vision, having snow on the roof of your car, or anywhere else for that matter, could land you with three […]

Thousands of vehicles failing MOTs due to avoidable faults and dodgy DIY fixes

5th December 2020 | John – 5th December 2020 Thousands of vehicles are failing MOT tests every day due to avoidable faults and dodgy DIY fixes, new research has found. Nearly 32 per cent of vehicles fail MOT tests first time government data shows, many of which could be avoided if drivers carried out basic checks beforehand says […]