MOT tests: Owners could ‘miss expiry date’ and risk fines due to ‘big increase in demand’

9th August 2020 | John – 9th August 2020

MOT test appointments are “filling up more quickly than usual” which could leave many drivers caught out, according to experts at KwikFit. Compulsory MOT testing was restarted on August 1 which has seen a sudden surge in demand for the tests which garages are battling to keep on top of.

Roger Griggs, Communications director at Kwik Fit said the issue has been caused because many drivers did not get tests during the lockdown.

He told “During the MOT exemption, although some drivers still got their car MOTed as they wanted peace of mind, many didn’t.

“Now the exemption has ended, we are starting to see a big increase in demand compared to normal years and appointments are filling up more quickly than usual.”

Thousands of road users were issued six month MOT exemptions from Match until the end of July which has generated a major backlog.

However, experts have now warned those who have been offered extensions may be unable to secure a test in time and could be issued penalties.

Mr Griggs says drivers tend to leave their tests until the last minute which could prove disastrous for many over the Autumn.

He has urged road users to “plan as far in advance” as possible to secure checks as quickly as they can.

He warned drivers may not be able to get into their usual test centres which could push many road users to use garages in surrounding areas to avoid penalties.

Speaking to,uk, he said: “Our research has shown that many drivers leave it to the last minute to get their car tested.

“If they do that this year they may find they miss their expiry date and so driving their car will be illegal.”

Motorists who fail to get a valid MOT test certificate before their due date would be breaking the law and will be liable for penalties.

Those caught without a valid certificate will be issued an immediate £1,000 fine.

However, road users could be issued a higher £2,500 penalty if their vehicle is found to be in a dangerous condition.

This could be if your car is used after failing a test or not receiving one for so long that figures have not been picked up on.

The AA has also encouraged drivers to book an MOT test as soon as possible after fears there would be “greater demand” for checks.

They have also warned drivers not to expect discounts for tests due to heavy demand which could see many forced to pay more.

The DVSA has also predicted that September, October and November are likely to be “busy months for MOT centres”.

Head of MOT Policy, Chris Price has said centres are “likely to be very busy this Autumn” as he warned garages could have “double the usual demand”.

He added: “We are encouraging motorists to consider bringing their MOT forward to help beat the rush.”

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