MOT extended for 6 months due to lockdown

3rd April 2020 | ifa_admin

The government is trying to help motorists continue to travel to work by placing a 6-month exemption on MOT’s for cars and vans.


MOT expires on or after 30th March 2020

This means the earliest you would need to get your car or van MOT’d would be 30th September 2020.

Included in this are new vehicles which will get a 6-month extension from the date of their first MOT.


MOTs required before 30 March

MOT extensions WILL NOT be granted to motorists with an MOT due before and including 29th March 2020. If you are not self-isolating, then you are required to arrange an MOT and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy as usual.

The Department for Transport has explained that police are being asked not to enforce certain MOT laws while on lockdown, such as cars parked on the street. However, The Department for Transport says that drivers are still required to have a VALID MOT to use their vehicles on the road and that key workers are NOT exempt from this ruling.


Self-isolating and vulnerable drivers

If you are self-isolating, then the advice would be to arrange an MOT test after the quarantine time. If the government have classed you a ‘vulnerable’ then you are not permitted to take your car for an MOT test.


Roadworthy vehicles

Ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy, tyres have the required tread depth and lights are working is still expected from the motorist. Using the government’s MOT history checker via the website, drivers are able to see their current MOT status. Renewing vehicle tax after the extension has been applied will then be available.


Lorries, buses and trailers

Depending on your vehicle, drivers may need to apply for an exemption. A separate 3-months extension applies to lorries, buses and trailer. These are exempt from requiring an MOT from 21st March 2020.


Stay at home if you can

MOT extensions will allow key workers to carry out their much-needed jobs. This also reduces the number of people visiting MOT centres, helping the spread of the virus.


Garages and MOT centres remain open

These businesses are permitted to stay open, as they provide an essential service.

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