DVLA Online MOT Checks

5th March 2020 | ifa_admin

Checking the MOT history of your car is a straightforward process these days. Using the government website https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history, all you need is the registration of the vehicle, and the information is readily available. But what are the benefits of carrying out a DVLA MOT check on your car?

The biggest reason will obviously be if you are considering purchasing a used car. A DVLA MOT check can not only tell you if the vehicle in question has a valid MOT, and when its MOT is due, it can also give other valuable information such as:

  • If it has passed or failed any MOTs since 2005
  • What the vehicle failed the test on
  • The current mileage at the time of each MOT

This will give you an idea of any potential problems, as well as how truthful the seller is being about the car’s current condition. It is also worth doing this check if you are considering buying a vehicle that you know is not yet roadworthy. Once you know what the actual problems are identified in the last MOT, you can make an informed decision on whether the car is worth your time and money to make roadworthy again.

This applies for small businesses too. You can use the details from this online check for advertising information and supply customers with the correct details. This will enable you to be completely truthful and transparent about the used cars you are selling, which is always a good selling point with a customer.

Lastly, you can ensure you never forget when your MOT is due by using the same website – all you need is your registration and a phone number or an email address to set up a reminder a month before your MOT is due (2 months before for lorries, buses and large trailers)

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