Do You Know the Rules When Pulling Over For Emergency Services?

12th November 2019 | ifa_admin

It goes without saying that letting the emergency services through is very important – you can actually face up to a £5000 fine if you fail to do so. But did you know that doing the wrong thing can also land you with not only a fine but penalty points on your license?

Many people don’t, and when an inexperienced driver is faced with a situation where they are not sure what the emergency vehicle expects them to do it could cause them to panic and make mistakes that could have serious consequences for themselves and other drivers. It is really important to be clued up about your duty as a driver when being faced with emergency vehicles on the road in order to ensure safety. So, here are a few points to consider:

  • Endangering other road users is still a punishable offence – jumping a red light or pulling into a bus lane could be seen as doing just that and could see you with points on your license and a hefty fine.
  • Avoid mounting the kerb – this can endanger not only other road users but also pedestrians.
  • Think about where you stop – if the place is potentially dangerous to either yourself or other road users, do not stop there.
  • If you are driving down a one-way street, continue at a steady speed until you can see a safe place to pull over.
  • Remember that obstructing emergency vehicles also comes with a fine, and that includes obstruction by parking poorly.

Finally, it’s worth keeping in mind that the drivers of emergency vehicles are aware of the rules other motorists must follow, and do not expect you to perform a dangerous manoeuvre or pull over in a ridiculous place to let them through. So, try to remain calm, don’t panic, and always put the safety of yourself and others first.

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