Condensation Inside Your Car Windows? Here’s How To Stop It

23rd October 2019 | ifa_admin

It’s the problem that every driver will have experienced – foggy car windows. It may sound trivial, but not only can driving with condensation inside your windows impair visibility and make driving dangerous, but it is also illegal. So, what can you do to treat, or even prevent the problem? Here are our top tips:

Pay close attention to the weather – Leave your windows slightly open on sunny, warmer days, and make sure they are closed during wet weather. This also includes the sunroof, and make sure to regularly check for any leaks. A quick glimpse at the weather forecast each morning should give you guidance.

Remove anything wet – Damp coats, blankets, umbrellas etc will increase the risk of your windows fogging up as well as leave a damp smell. Try to remove these from the car as soon as possible. Make sure if your car seats or carpets become wet you dry them quickly.

Clean Windows – Keep your windows clean, stopping the water clinging to the particles of dirt will reduce condensation.

Garage – If you own a garage, use it. The temperature inside a garage will normally be warmer than outside which will help to prevent damp.

Air Conditioning – Condensation forms when warm, moist air inside the car makes contact with the cold glass of the windows, so on cold mornings it can be unavoidable. Use your ventilation, and air conditioning if you have it, and ensure the air is directed at the windows. Don’t use your re-circulation, as this may warm the car up faster, but it will trap the moisture inside. If your car does not have air conditioning, try a moisture absorber, making sure you leave it in a convenient place and empty it regularly.

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