The UK laws On Drug Driving Explained

27th August 2019 | ifa_admin

In 2015 stricter laws on drug driving were put in place. Up until this time drivers had a more laid-back approach to drug driving, seeing it as safer than drink driving. It was also much harder to prove drug driving at the roadside. This didn’t mean that people were fit to drive under the influence of drugs by any means. While drink driving has always been widely covered in the media due to the fatalities it causes, not as much focus was put onto drug driving. Since the new laws were enforced in 2015, an average of four drivers a day is found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs in the UK alone. There is now a zero-tolerance policy on drug driving and roadside equipment that can catch offending motorists.

Research has shown that 55% of people who had admitted to drug driving stated that they felt confident they were more than capable of driving safely due to the false sense of security they got from the drugs. Now technology to detect narcotics will show even the smallest amount in your system and if you are caught driving after using narcotics you could face not only a ban but a hefty fine too. It is now almost as common to catch a drug driver as it is to catch a drunk driver.

It isn’t just the illegal drugs that can cause dangerous driving though. There are some prescribed medications that can impact your driving ability and awareness. You should always ensure you read the medication information before consumption to establish if it is safe to drive while taking it and the required time to leave before driving after use. The law is simple when it comes to illegal drugs, you do not consume these and drive. This does not apply as strictly when it comes to prescribed medication and even alcohol as in the eyes of the law you are safe to drive if you have consumed a very small amount. Illegal drugs can stay in your system for a number of days and therefore may show up on a roadside test days after consumption. It is best to avoid illegal drugs at all costs.

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