How Clean Is Your Car Carpet?

16th July 2019 | ifa_admin

Let’s face it, the carpet in our cars goes through a lot. Muddy shoes, food spillages, dirt and rubbish from outside trodden in – it really can become pretty filthy. Cleaning it is a hard and time-consuming task, so you should pay someone regularly to clean it for you, right?

Not necessarily. Follow our simple guide and you will see not only is cleaning your car carpets pretty simple, but it can save you a fair few pounds.

The first thing to do is to remove the clutter. Grab a bag and throw in any old wrappers, drinks bottles, or bits of debris you find. Also, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the car – water bottles and kids coats/jumpers are the usual culprits. Once that’s done, get the vacuum cleaner out. You’ll be amazed at the visible difference a quick vacuum makes to your carpets, particularly if you have gotten used to them being a bit grubby.

Now you’ve gotten rid of anything removable, it’s time to actually clean the carpets themselves. There are various ways to do this:

  • With a steam cleaner. You can purchase these specifically for cars
  • With a car interior cleaning product, available from a wide range of shops and supermarkets
  • With general upholstery or carpet cleaner, you would use for the home (think what you would use on your indoor carpets or even furniture. Just remember to test any products you’ve not used before on an inconspicuous area first).

Remember to check if any car mats you have are machine washable – that will save you some energy! Also, only use as much water as you need. Drenching your carpet will encourage mould to set in.

Once all this is done if it’s a sunny day leave your car doors open allowing your carpet to dry naturally. It really is that simple!

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