Do We All Suffer From Road Rage?

8th May 2019 | ifa_admin

Back in 2003, a Gallup poll revealed that 80% of British drivers had experienced road rage, making the UK the road rage capital of the world. And it would seem, 16 years later, nothing has changed.

A new survey by vehicle data experts HPI makes for worrying reading. It found that 22% of UK drivers have gotten out of their car to confront another driver, with 19% confessing to following another driver after an incident.

Although 38% put their road rage down to having a bad day, they are a number of things that seem to irritate other drivers. Traffic jams, inconsiderate behaviour from other drivers, tailgating, mobile phone use and dangerous over taking are just a few of the points mentioned that can trigger a driver’s road rage. Shockingly, around 3% of UK drivers claim they are always angry when they drive.

These statistics are not only shocking but worrying. Road safety charity Brake claims that stressful driving situations can lead to danger on the roads. Their research shows that angry drivers are more likely to take dangerous, and often illegal, risks, such as speeding, jumping red lights or rapidly switching lanes. Their survey with Direct Line found that 71% of UK drivers admitted to having lost concentration at the wheel due to stress or annoyance.

Traffic jams are something a driver usually has no control over, but inconsiderate driving certainly is. Following another driver who has angered you, and particularly getting out of your car to confront that driver, can lead to an even more dangerous situation. Driving angrily can not only provoke other drivers, but it can lead to you taking risks you wouldn’t normally take in the heat of the moment. Maybe it’s time all of us British drivers learnt to calm down!

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