Reducing Your Fuel Consumption

15th April 2019 | ifa_admin

Fuel consumption is one of the biggest concerns for drivers. Whether it’s a worry over global warming and reducing your emissions, or simply getting more for your money, how many miles you get to the gallon is one of the first questions that a driver will ask before choosing a car. So how can you reduce your fuel consumption? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Check your mass airflow sensor in your engine – This measures the amount of air coming into the engine, so the car knows how much fuel to inject into each sensor. A faulty sensor could lead to you using a lot more fuel than you should.
  • Spark plugs – Did you know that old spark plugs can decrease fuel efficiency by 30%? Definitely worth checking out, and spark plugs are pretty cheap to replace.
  • Tyre pressure – The lower your tyre pressure, the more fuel you will use. So, always make sure that your tyre pressure is correct.
  • Close your windows! – Driving with the windows down will increase your fuel consumption. Unfortunately, the same can be said for using your air conditioning, so think carefully before you use it and only do so if absolutely necessary.
  • No speedy acceleration – The faster you accelerate, the higher your fuel consumption. It’s also worth remembering that the best speed to drive at for fuel economy is 55-65 mph.

So, with a few simple things to remember – and a regular service – you can easily reduce your fuel consumption, reduce your emissions, and reduce the amount of money you spend at the pumps!

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