Why Aren’t My High Beam Headlights Working?

18th February 2019 | ifa_admin

As every motorist will know, headlights are essential. Not only are they a requirement by law, but they allow us to drive in any weather and at any time of the day or night. High beams are especially needed when driving above 25 miles per hour. So, if they stop working, it is vital you get them fixed as soon as possible. But how can you tell what the actual problem is? Here are some of the most common reasons your high beam headlights do not work:

  • The bulb – A problem with a bulb is common if just one of your high beam headlights has stopped working, as bulbs do have a limited life span. The bulb could simply have blown, which is easily remedied. Many car part stores will stock the bulb. An incorrect bulb is another problem, which can cause your high beam to work intermittently, so ensure you check your car manual before purchasing your new bulbs
  • Wiring – Faulty or broken wiring is the most common cause of a short circuit. Broken wiring will simply break the connection, whereas faulty wiring may send the current elsewhere. Electrical problems can be identified using a digital multimeter, or by your local garage.
  • High beam fuse – A blown high beam fuse is easily fixed, but repeated blown fuses will require further investigation to find the cause of the excessive current.
  • High Beam Relay – This is usually powered by the headlight switch and in turn powers the headlights. A faulty high beam relays could stop your high beams from working.
  • Headlight switch – Not as common as other problems, but headlight switches can wear out and it is worth getting checked if you cannot identify any other problems, particularly if you do a lot of driving.
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