Fog Lights – When Should You Repair Them?

6th December 2018 | ifa_admin

Fog lights are situated low down on the front of your car and are used when visibility in fog is less than 100 metres. Their beam is different to that of headlights – they are flatter and wider, and designed to reduce light reflection when driving in fog. They are a very important safety feature of your vehicle and should be cleaned, checked and maintained regularly, with any repairs needed carried out at the next available opportunity. Regular checks and maintenance are vital for safety reasons, as well as ensuring your car will pass its next MOT test. Maintaining your lights does not need to be expensive or time consuming and learning how best to drive in foggy conditions could prevent costly repairs being necessary. Here are some tips:

  • The basics – know where your lights are located, how to operate them, and make sure they are clean
  • Fog lights should be used when you cannot see 100 metres in front of you. So, if your visibility is less than the length of a football pitch, turn them on
  • If conditions become foggy slow down and give yourself more stopping distance between you and the car in front. Always check your mirrors
  • No full beams – These will cause your visibility to reduce even more as they will reflect more light, and are dangerous for other drivers too
  • Listen if you can’t see – This is important particularly when you reach junctions, you may be able to hear other cars approaching if you cannot see them. You could even consider winding your window down to hear better
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