Record Breaking Fuel Prices – Can You Afford To Drive?

14th November 2018 | ifa_admin

Fuel costs have increased so much that many drivers are being priced off the road, unable to afford the high price of running a car.

Petrol has risen by 11% over the past year, meaning it would cost £75 to fill the average sized car, £78 for a medium sized tank of diesel. These record-breaking prices mean drivers on low incomes are being forced to leave the cars in the driveway, as they are spending on average 13% of their income on fuel. One in seven drivers report they cannot afford to fill up their car on a regular basis.

Many drivers are considering alternative options to diesel and petrol run vehicles, such as electric cars, which is unsurprising. Such vehicles are expected to be more widely affordable within the next five or so years, but for now most motorists will still have to deal with the expense of petrol and diesel.

If prices continue to rise, inevitably more motorists will be priced off the road. Those with an income of around £35,000 a year spend over a thousand pounds a year on fuel. The average spend for a driver at the pumps is £35, which isn’t even enough to fill up a small car. It is no surprise a large number of drivers are now saying that running a car is simply unaffordable.

To help with the cost, look out for some money-saving promotions. Some supermarkets offer money off at the pumps with every grocery shop. It is also worth taking a note of the prices at a few petrol stations nearby, as they do tend to vary, making it possible to save a fair amount just by shopping around.

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