What To Do When You Break Down On The Motorway

9th August 2018 | ifa_admin

It’s something every driver dreads – driving along the motorway when you suddenly break down. What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

  • Highway Code – This states if you are experiencing difficulties with your vehicle, you should pull into the next available service area, or exit the motorway at the next exit. If you are unable to do so, you should pull over on to the hard shoulder, as far to the left as possible, with your wheels turned to the left.
  • Leaving Your Car – Once you have stopped on the hard shoulder, you should exit your car using the passenger door on the left, so you are as far from oncoming traffic as possible. Ensure any passengers travelling with you do the same. Put on your hazard lights, your side lights if it’s dark, and your fog lights if the visibility is poor (you can see less than 100 metres in front of you). Your aim is to ensure your vehicle is as visible as possible to the other motorways users.
  • Call For Help – If you don’t have access to a mobile phone, you can use an emergency telephone. These are located every mile along the hard shoulder in bright orange boxes. If you have to walk to one, face the oncoming traffic. Make sure you give as many details as you can, including if you have any vulnerable people with you such as young children, the elderly, or someone who is pregnant or disabled.
  • Get Back Into Your Car – Once you have completed your call, return to your car, waiting next to your vehicle but away from the oncoming traffic. If you wish to wait inside your car, make sure you enter using the left-hand side door. If your issue is resolved once help has arrived, you can rejoin the carriageway. Be patient and wait for a break in the traffic.
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