What To Do If Your Windscreen Has Cracked

8th May 2018 | ifa_admin

If you discover a chip or crack in your car windscreen, it is important that you visit a garage as soon as possible to have it seen by an expert. Local quotes will be available online, or by calling local garages to find the best price.

Here is what is involved in windscreen repair:

  • Chips and cracks – Chips can be caused by stones or other debris hitting the screen at a high speed, usually being kicked up from the road as a car is being driven. A crack can form if a chip is left untreated. For example, if you have a chip in your windscreen then hit a bump in the road, this may cause the chip to turn into a crack. Another way you could crack your windscreen is using boiling water to defrost it – the sudden change in temperature can cause serious damage.
  • Repairs – To be repaired, a chip has to be at least 3cm away from the windscreen edge and be smaller than a two pound coin. Also, the damaged area cannot be bigger than 10mm if within the line of sight of the driver. The same applies for cracks. If the damage to your windscreen does not fit this criteria, you will have to have a replacement.
  • Replacement – The process is fairly simple. First, your car will have a protective material covering the area. The seals that hold the windscreen will be removed by the mechanic, so the windscreen can be removed. A primer agent will be applied and allowed to dry, and then a glue will be applied to the new windscreen, which will then be fitted. This will then need at least an hour to dry before you can drive your car.
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