Car Checks Before You Go On Holiday

12th June 2017 | ifa_admin

shutterstock_443494630The sun is out, summer is well and truly in full swing and no doubt you have a holiday approaching! At the very least, the summer holidays call for days out and numerous road trips. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun of planning holidays and days out, but the journey tends to get overlooked. With more and more people choosing to have local UK holidays, it is important to be aware of the essential checks your car should have before hitting the road. If you want your journey to go safely and smoothly and eliminate the risk of being stuck by the roadside waiting for a recovery service then simply follow these few easy checks that you can perform yourself.


Use Your Dip Stick To Check Your Oil – Find your dipstick under the bonnet and ensure the oil levels are between the min and max marks at the end of the dip stick.

Check The Pressure Of All Tyres – This check should be carried out on all tyres monthly as underinflated tyres can be dangerous. Make sure you also check the spare tyre. Pop to a local garage for an air top up if needed.

Check Tyres For Wear, Cracking And Bulging – Your tyres must have suitable tread depth which can be measured using a tread depth indicator. Alternatively, grab a 20p coin and stand it in the tread groove, if you can see the edge of the coin then it is time to replace the tyre. You should also be checking for bulging and cracking in the tyres.

Check All Lights – Headlamps, reverse lights, break lights, indicators and internal lights should all be checked and all need to be in full working order. If any bulbs need replacing then make sure this is done before you set off on your journey.

Refill Screen Wash Bottle – You never know when you will need to use the screen wash facility, so make sure the screen wash bottle is topped up with the appropriate screen wash solution.

Take Your Locking Wheel Nut Key And Car Jack With You – Both of these items should be readily available in case you should need them on your journey. If a puncture occurs then you will need these to hand.

Check Coolant Levels – Find you radiator reservoir underneath your car bonnet and make sure the coolant level is between the min and max marks.

Check Windscreen Wipers And Wiper Blades – We all know only too well that you can not trust the UK weather to stay bright and sunny and a down pour is never far away! Make sure your wiper blades are not split or damaged and that the wipers are in full working order.

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