Treat Yourself To A New Car This December

5th December 2016 | ifa_admin

shutterstock_242974072If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, get serious about shopping now. December tends to deliver the deepest discounts of the year, with buyers receiving an average 7.7% off full retail price.  For an average buyer, that’s more than £300 in savings.

Why December? Well, many dealers and manufacturers are looking to meet their annual sales goals, so many offer rich incentives.  Meanwhile, prices are slashed on 2016 vehicles as next year’s models move onto the forecourt.

Follow these steps to drive down the price of your new vehicle.


Get Haggling

To do even better than the average December deal, shop when temperatures plunge. Cold, snowy days draw fewer buyers, giving you a further advantage. End-of-day shopping can yield better prices, too, if a weary salesperson wants to go home. Also, because dealers and manufacturers have monthly as well as annual goals, you can save by waiting till the end of the month —although you risk a more limited selection, particularly on 2016 models.

Set an upper spend limit for yourself and stick to it. If you buy online you can also save time and avoid in-person sales pressure, specify the options you want so that you get true comparisons.

Haggle on the price, not monthly cost.  You don’t want the dealer to lower payments just by extending the loan term.

Finally, ask for extra discounts. Many manufacturers give rebates to students, seniors, and military, for example. These incentives are typically not promoted but can save you even more cash.


Aim for resale

If you don’t plan to drive your new vehicle into the ground, look for a car with higher-than-average resale value.

For extra features, consider both price range and regional taste. Buyers of used luxury cars will more likely splurge on extras than budget shoppers, for instance.

While you may have fewer options at year-end, seek features like sunroofs and leather seats, which hold up better than chrome wheels or custom paint. And don’t forget that whilst you might enjoy pricey technology like a premium sound system or remote car starter, don’t consider it a long-term investment.


Enjoy your Christmas treat

Scoring a reduced price car in December feels like the ultimate Christmas gift.  Enjoy it and be sure that if it needs an MOT, a service or any work undertaken you visit us here at In-Front Autos.  Our repair work, vehicle services and MOT testing services are second to none and we can help you with all your vehicle requirements, new or old.

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