Stay Safe On The School Run This September

7th September 2016 | ifa_admin

shutterstock_165828857It’s that time of year again, when children up and down the country return to full time education.  For parents, this means the stress of the school run is upon us once more.  Never mind the amount of cajoling, shouting and bribing it can take to get them out of the house and in the car in the first place, busy roads full of stressed out parents can make for a dangerous journey.

Schools opening again for the Autumn term can also make for potentially risky roads, as parents clog the pavements dropping their offspring off, which can be dangerous not just for other road users, but for children too.

A recent survey conducted by the vehicle re-marketing specialist BCA has revealed that 57% of those surveyed have said that they have witnessed illegal parking around schools. Furthermore, 44% had seen parents or children opening car doors without looking for oncoming traffic, and 35% had seen children getting out of vehicles on the roadside instead of the pavement.

Tim Naylor, editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report, said: “It’s clear from our survey that the stresses of the school run are getting motorists hot under the collar. And there are potentially dangerous choices being made by some drivers when it comes to double parking outside the school gates and ‘drop and go’ tactics that leave pupils having to negotiate busy roads before reaching the safety of the school. Driving in the rush hour is always stressful and the school run just adds to the congestion, with many motorists seeing parents and children taking what they perceive to be unnecessary risks. Perhaps that’s why motorists were supportive of new measures to tackle congestion and parking issues that would make the environment safer for the school run.” In order to improve safety during the school-run 53% of parents said that designated ‘drop off’ areas should be created, while 30% suggested staggered drop off times. But would this be feasible.

According to the very same survey, a high percentage of drivers without children were concerned that using up space for a drop off zone, or having cars parked in the road at different times in the morning, would lead to even more road chaos.

Is there a way around this?  Probably not one that can be solved immediately, but good planning and calm driving can help reduce the risk on the school run.

It goes without saying, but getting up in good time, preparing kids bags the night before, and remaining calm can all enhance the likelihood of safe and stress free school runs, this term and for further terms to come.

Here at In-Front Autos, we also believe that having a safe, reliable vehicle is key to providing safe transport to and from school.  If your car could do with an overhaul, why not pop it into our Romford garage for a full service, or it’s annual MOT?  Call us today on 01708 377 377 to book.

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