Is your car ready for it’s first service?

22nd July 2016 | ifa_admin

shutterstock_321111287Buying a brand new car is a joy – when it’s shiny and new and full of that new car smell, it certainly put’s a smile on your face.  But all cars will eventually need to be serviced as they age, and after they have been driven for a certain amount of miles.   Modern cars will generally need to be looked at after they have been driven for 10,000 miles or within 12 months of purchase, whichever comes sooner.

Most of us purchase a new car because it guarantees reliability for the first few years, and will come with a manufacturers warranty should something go wrong.  You also don’t need to worry about MOT’s for the first 3 years of ownership.  So how do you know then, exactly what happens at  your cars first service, and is it really necessary?

Your first service is very important as it offers an opportunity to evaluate how the vehicle has performed in real-world environmental conditions and driving cycles. With any new car, the first few months of usage are its ‘running-in’ period, where all the components settle into a range of operating conditions. Filters and oil changes are especially important to get rid of the higher volume of impurities that comes during this period.

Minor electrical or electronic issues such as faulty wiring can also be rectified since such issues show up immediately.

As a premiere supplier of car services and car repairs in Essex, we would like to take this opportunity to run through the basics of your cars first service with you.


What happens when I bring my car in for it’s first service at In Front Autos?

We ask that you book your car in for a service prior to the date it needs to be done.  We will ask you to drop the car off at our Romford garage, and will give you a call when it is ready to collect.

Different makes of cars, different engines and different fuel types can have slightly differing requirements when it comes to their first service, but generally we will look at the condition of the following:


Automatic Transmission Fluid

Battery and Cables



Cabin Air Filter

Chassis Lubrication

Dashboard Indicator Light On

Coolant (Antifreeze)

Engine Air Filter

Engine Oil




Power Steering Fluid

Steering and Suspension

Tire Inflation and Condition

Wheel Alignment

Windshield Washer Fluid

Wiper Blades


We will of course, advise you of any work that needs to be undertaken that may incur additional costs, before we undertake any work on your vehicle.

We are specialists in servicing many different makes of motor vehicle, and believe that the service we offer to drivers throughout Essex, is second to none.  To book your cars service, or for all your repair or MOT requirements, call us today on 01708 377377 to book your car in with one of the best car service and repair centres in Essex.

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