The Law on Child Safety Seats

8th November 2017 | ifa_admin

By law, all children must use a child car seat until they are twelve years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. Child car seats can be chosen based on your child’s weight or on their height Weight Based Seats – Only EU approved weight-based car seats can be used in the UK, and […]

Are Your Tyre’s Rain Ready?

9th October 2017 | ifa_admin

It’s that time of year again – Autumn is in full swing which means there is surely plenty of wet weather ahead. Considering the wet Summer we have already endured, now is the perfect time to check that your tyres are ready for the rain. Driving with unsafe tyres is dangerous, as reducing the tread […]

What Should You Check When Buying a Second-Hand Car?

8th September 2017 | ifa_admin

Buying a car can be a very confusing time, whether it’s a new or used vehicle. The last thing anybody wants is to purchase a car which then spends most of its time in the garage. There are a few things to look for to prevent this happening: Safety checks Undertaking safety checks should pinpoint […]

Can The Air Con In My Car Make Me Unwell?

10th August 2017 | ifa_admin

Can The Air Con In My Car Make Me Unwell? The short answer to this question is Yes – It is possible to become ill due to the air conditioning in your vehicle. It may feel like cool and fresh air being pumped into your car when the air con is at work but there […]

Why Does A Car Over Heat? Causes And Prevention

11th July 2017 | ifa_admin

Car engines work efficiently at the correct temperatures. A car will over heat when the engine temperature reaches a point where mechanical damage occurs. Generally, a temperature of more than 240 degrees Fahrenheit is potentially harmful. Steam and warning lights are likely to be the signs that your engine is overheating and requires attention. If […]

Car Checks Before You Go On Holiday

12th June 2017 | ifa_admin

The sun is out, summer is well and truly in full swing and no doubt you have a holiday approaching! At the very least, the summer holidays call for days out and numerous road trips. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun of planning holidays and days out, but the journey tends to […]

New Speeding Laws – All You Need To Know

9th May 2017 | ifa_admin

What Changes Are Happening And When? As of 24th April 2017, being caught speeding will carry a harsher punishment. The previous common fine for speeding was £100, but these new changes could see drivers being fined as much as 150% of their weekly wage (up to a maximum of £2,500). This has come into place […]

New Emissions Stickers For Motorists Driving To France

10th April 2017 | ifa_admin

The RAC are advising all motorists that intend to travel to France to order vehicle emissions stickers sooner rather than later after it is reported to have taken six weeks for one to reach the UK recently. The Crit ‘Air Scheme was introduced in January this year. It is part of an attempt by the […]

Change In Driving Laws – Using Your Mobile Phone Or Satellite Navigation

8th March 2017 | ifa_admin

What Is Happening And When? Allowing yourself as a driver to be distracted when behind the wheel now carries a tougher penalty than ever before. While it is not against the law to eat or use a sat nav while you are driving, you are still at risk of being prosecuted if a result of […]

How Is Car Tax Changing in 2017?

7th February 2017 | ifa_admin

In April 2017, the system for taxing a new car will be changing. The new regulations start on 1st April and actually means that the running of some cars will be a fair bit more expensive. What Is Actually Happening? The VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) you pay on your car will still partly be based […]